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indicator Light With/without LED ABB


Compact Pilot Light – Pilot light head – Green – Illuminated – Lamptype: LED 230V AC – 24V AC/DC

Compact Pilot Light – Pilot light head – Red – Illuminated – Lamptype: Ba9s

 لمبات اشارة اقتصادية بليد داخلى و بدون / لابد من شراء اللمبة بشكل منفصل في حالة اختيار بدون ليد

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Pilot Lights With Integrated LED (IP67) compact إقتصادي

 Type Color Rated Voltage Order Code
CL2-523G Green 230Vac 1SFA619403R5232
CL2-523R Red 230Vac 1SFA619403R5231
CL2-523Y Yellow 230Vac 1SFA619403R5233
CL2-523L Blue 230Vac 1SFA619403R5234
CL2-523C White 230Vac 1SFA619403R5238
CL2-523G Green 24V AC/DC 1SFA619403R5022
CL2-523R Red 24V AC/DC 1SFA619403R5021
CL2-523Y Yellow 24V AC/DC 1SFA619403R5023

Pilot Lights Without Integrated LED (IP67) compact إقتصادي

 Type Color Order Code
CL-100R Red 1SFA619402R1001
CL-100G Green 1SFA619402R1002
CL-100Y Yellow 1SFA619402R1003
CL-100L Blue 1SFA619402R1004
CL-100C Clear 1SFA619402R1008

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