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DZ307; Multi-Function Timer(GEMO) (220VAC & 24VDC) (OUTPUT – 2RELAY )



Multi Function Timer


Digital Timer; Double Output, Double Display, 4 digits, START, RESET, GATE inputs
(all inputs 24VDC, switch, proximity–PNP/Totem Pole), user selectable Out modes,
Programmable in range 0.1sec … 99hours, remembers last time count after Power On,

Data Sheet


  • 72mm x 72mm  Enclosure front size
  • µP based Digital Timer with START/RESET/GATE input
  • 2×4 7 Segment LED display
  • Selectable 8 different modes
  • Counts hour / minute / second
  • Loads Timer value & OUT status at the latest power failure after the first power on
  • 24VDC inputs (compatible with PNP proximity switch output)
  • Displays SET or remaining time
  • EEPROM memory to store settings
  • Easy connection with plug-in connectors


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