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DR-200A – Temperature Data Logger

EGP3,500 EGP3,000

DR-200A Temperature Data Logger with printer is widely use for the storage and transportation of the foodstuff, medicine, fresh and live goods or place which need temperature supervision such as all kinds of cold storage, cold cabinets, electric control cabinets in refrigeration unit Labs production plant.

جهاز تسجيل درجات الحرارة بالطابعة علي رول ورق

التطبيقات: تخزين الاطعمة المتنقله بالسيارات ، سيارات نقل الدواء و الغذاء يستخدم في حالة مراقبة الاغذية التي تحتاج الي مراقبة دورية لدرجات الحرارة

size : 131 mm W x 121 mm H x 85 mm Depth

opening size :131 mm W x 121 mm H

220Vac adapter included 



·         Power Supply: 12VDC~24VDC or 12VAC

·         Temperature measuring range: -40~110C

·         Resolution: 0.1

·         Accuracy: +/-0.5C (at -10~85C) +/-1C at others

·         Alarming temperature difference: 0~20C(adjustable)

·         Alarming output: buzzer and alarming relay

·         Recording cycle: 1min~24hours(adjustable)

·         Recording and measuring ways: one way

·         Printing output: Mini stylus printer output

·         Start-up delay: 0-6 hours (adjustable)

·         Alarming delay: 0-90 minutes (adjustable)

·         Recording capacity: 4500 points(MAX)

·         Alarm relay contact capacity: 8A/220VAC


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