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Current Transducer


Split core current transducer with 0-10 V output very good for PLC applications that needs to measure current up to 30 amps and monitor and control via PLC

يستخدم لقياس الامبير من 0 الي 30 امبير و يحوله لإشارة من 0 إلي 10 فولت لتوصيلها علي بي لي سي يتميز بسهولة الاستخدام .، الملف يفتح ولا يحتاج الي فك او قطع السلك لتركيبة

DC-T10 output V 0-10 , input current 0-30A

supply Voltage: 12VDC

output : 0-10V

current input : 0-30 A

DC-T10 Datasheet


split core current transducer is designed
to measure up to 80Amps load current for 50 or 60 Hz main power. Its unique
design allows 0-5VDC signal output for 5 current ranges. 4 position DIP switch
allows you to select between 5 different current sensing ranges; from 0- 5A,
10A, 20A, 50A and 80A.current.


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